Their measurement of success? They pioneered the standard for biomass monitoring. 

ABER's 'manufacturing-ready' biomass measurement technology and expertise is trusted and proven across the biotechnology sector. 


Aber’s pioneering work in the development and use of dielectric instrumentation to monitor biomass, by measuring cell membrane capacitance and media conductivity, has regularly set new standards. In the biotech market, our current FUTURA range is seen as the benchmark in determining live cell concentration online in bioreactors.

A measured approach to optimizing performance, experience, and outcomes

Their biomass capacitance technology solution stack centers around providing live on-line biomass reading – typically cells/ml or g/l for different applications:

Cell culture process development and manufacturing

Aber Instruments’ technology can be applied to in both R&D and

manufacturing processes to monitor:

  • Suspension cell

  • Micro-carrier culture and packed beds

  • Cell culture – Manufacturing

  • Controlling constant cell concentrations


Microbial applications

And, our technology is equally successfully deployed in microbial

applications to measure: 

  • Bacterial fermentations

  • High-density yeast fermentations

  • Pichia fermentations

  • Mycelial fermentations

Our technology offers the unique opportunity for real-time, accurate

measurement and control of biomass concentrations in bioreactors

at both laboratory and industrial scale., bringing significant scientific,

operational and commercial benefits in terms of cost reduction and

improved product quality.



  • Fully automated ‘plug and play’ solutions for rapid cell expansion

  • Quick and simple process monitoring

  • Automated process control and modeling

  • Automated substrate feed strategies

  • Harvest point determination

  • Optional time of infection for viral production



  • Lower risk of contamination

  • Reduced risk of unrepresentative samples (due minimizing the requirement for manual handling)

  • Decreased labor and lab costs for offline analysis

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New - 

Aber’s capacitance technology can now be used in combination with single-use systems from Thermo Scientific via a pre-fitted insertion probe, guaranteeing sterility.

ABER’s On-line Biomass Monitors measure viable cell density in real-time through capacitance readings, giving a continuous, in-situ representation of viable cell concentration, eliminating the need for offline sampling. All of our probes are ready for use in cGMP environments.

ABER offers the widest range of reusable and single-use sensors for your cell counting & monitoring needs, whether they be benchtop, scale-up or cGMP in single-use or reusable formats, our readings are comparable.

ABER’s biomass monitoring technology will bring value whatever the application, by bringing you real-time feedback on cell numbers and changes in biochemical state. Improve your process knowledge, facilitating higher product quality & titers and delivering process efficiencies, giving you a superior product yield.

Biomass sensors and equipment

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