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Jogler direct-reading liquid level/flow indicators are a simple, leak-proof way to observe liquid level in a vessel. Unique PTFE Teflon SuperSeals act as both the flange sealing face and sight tube seal so that only the Teflon and Borosilicate glass sight tube are wetted, pressure-bearing parts (Teflon lined models have only FEP as the wetted part).



  • Lantern-style shield for sight tube protection with 360° visibility

  • Large diameters (up to 8” flange sizes standard)

  • Single Tube (Model LAS)

  • Tube-in-Tube (Model LAT)

  • FEP Teflon-Lined Single Tube (Model ULAS)

  • FEP Teflon-Lined Tube-in-Tube (Model ULAT)

Level Style Jogler.JPG


  • Powder-Coated Carbon Steel, 316/316L Stainless Steel, and PTFE Teflon lined Carbon Steel side connectors available

  • Calibrated ruler for accurate level measurements

  • Highly visible compared to traditional sight glasses

  • Long lengths (up to 10ft per gauge section) allow for minimal joints

  • Single Tube (Model LS)

  • Tube-in-Tube (Model LT)

  • FEP Teflon-Lined Single Tube (Model ULSS)

  • FEP Teflon-Lined Tube-in-Tube (Model ULTS)

Armored Style Jogler.JPG


  • Tubular shield for maximum sight tube protection with high visibility

  • Large diameters (up to 8” flange sizes standard)

  • Single Tube (Model FS)

  • Tube-in-Tube (Model FT)

  • FEP Teflon-Lined Single Tube (Model UFSS)

  • FEP Teflon-Lined Tube-in-Tube (Model UFTS)

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