SenseAnywhere Temperature Monitoring System


The SenseAnywhere AiroSensor provides an affordable, effective, and surprisingly simple solution to the problem of keeping tabs on sensitive products in transit. The device is a small orange box containing a wireless temperature & humidity data logger, as well as a motion tracking unit. It can be placed within the transport crate, or inside packaging, depending on the application. This allows you to monitor the environmental conditions of your product in real-time.  All data alerts, device setup, and deployment is controlled by a secure, easy to use cloud portal. AiroSensor is a complete temperature monitoring system with amazing versatility and scalability.

Key Features:

  • Up to 10-year battery life

  • Logs up to 18,500 events

  • Seamless integration into the cloud

  • Extremely simple to deploy and use

  • Auditable, real-time monitoring of key environmental factors (temperature, humidity, and motion)

  • GPS location and tracking

  • IP-67 Rated option- Waterproof and shock resistant for your harshest applications

  • Extremely small and durable- can be put inside the packaging to accurately monitor critical contents

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SenseAnywhere cloud dashboard- temperature monitoring of two chambers

AiroSensor on an ambient storage warehouse rack

Placing a SenseAnywhere datalogger on a warehouse rack

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